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You are probably not passionate about retirement plans.  At Providence, we are – and we take on the management of your retirement plan with excellence and top-notch service.

We design, create, and administer 401(k) and cash balance retirement plans with exceptional results, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

prov·i·dence | ˈprä-və-dən(t)s


  • timely preparation for future eventualities

  • the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources

  • skill or wisdom in administration

Similar Words: saving, foresight, forethought

Why Providence Retirement?

You want to be financially prepared for the future you dream about.  You want to exercise the utmost care with your resources.  Providence Retirement Solutions is here to provide you with the exceptional skill and wisdom you want for your retirement plan


Your retirement plan should be customized to achieve your goals and deliver extraordinary results.  You want someone who serves as an extension of you and your organization, manages the ongoing administration of your retirement plan and makes the process easy for you.


We are here to be your trusted advisor and partner.  We are focused on you, your wants, your needs, and your objectives. We love to serve our clients.


For Advisors

You receive expert advice on retirement plan solutions with minimal time and effort.  You add value and premier services for your clients and your firm.


For Business Owners

You get personal and responsive service you can rely on. You gain confidence that you have the best retirement plan and that you are saving enough money.

About the Owner

Nicholas Miller is the owner and founder of Providence Retirement Solutions, a premiere TPA specializing in custom cash balance and 401(k) plan administration.  He is passionate about designing and administering retirement plans.  He helps business owners accumulate the wealth they need for retirement and creates ways for them to pay less taxes. Nic works closely with clients and their professional advisors to understand their needs and develops customized retirement plans to help them reach their personal objectives.  

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